Star Cluster


The Star Cluster puzzle was designed by Karin. And the original prototypes were made in wood and were twice as large as the final version of the puzzle. We used those prototypes to test how well the puzzle works with friends.

The puzzle is to fit all the pieces into the larger triangle.

About 15 were produced in Red Alder wood, and about 20 in colored and clear acrylic for IPP 24.


Three limited editions of 5 each were produced as gifts for friends. They have colored stars inset and the editions are named after the colors of the stars - White StarCluster, Yellow StarCluster and Gold StarCluster

Also in 2005, Bits & Pieces produced a version of this puzzle in aluminum.


When we made the Galaxies & Stars Exchange puzzle for IPP27, the hole in the CD insert was just large enough to make one Star Cluster puzzle for every two exchange puzzles.

To contrast with the black tray, I chose purple pieces with a yellow star insert - which made it look like a Nightshade flower (see picture on the right). We used this version as gifts.